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Are you looking for the taste that you want to gift your readers?

Ok, so this is the right place where you’ll know the entire details regarding how to write a great blog post effectively. So, please keep reading till last.

Your customer will get the best taste when you’re serving a great delicious food at your restaurant. Like this, you’ll get the valuable & trusted readers while you’re giving the taste through your first blog post.

After reading this guide, you’ll get the entire idea regarding “How to write a great blog post effectively?” So, without wasting time let’s start…

What is Blogging?

I know, you’re very smart about blogging. But in short i want to tell you about Blogging.

When you’ve passion to share your creative idea with the entire world is called “Blogging”. Nobody wants to be bound by others. Everybody needs freedom & the luxuries lifestyle. Right?

So, try to focus on that passion which can give you something good in future. Convert your passion to profession after that.

Platforms To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively

To become a professional blogger & to make a blog popular, most of the blogger uses these 2 content management platforms.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

Ask Yourself

So, before starting a good blog you should ask some questions to yourself : –

  1. Who am i & am i eligible for blogging?
  2. Why should you start blogging?
  3. Is this your passion?
  4. Why most of the visitors will follow you where others are already famous?
  5. What topic should you choice to share your idea with the world?

Who Am I & Are You Eligible For Blogging?

Just you’ve started to show your talent to the world. You may be a graduated or may be more than that or under that. Whatever, if you’ve some good communication in English then you can start a blog in English. Someone wants to start their blogging in their local or regional languages. But, they should know that how to write first blog post. Well, let’s go ahead. If you want to write a good blog post effectively, you need P2.

P – Passion &

P – Patience.

Why Should You Start Blogging?

There are 2 types of people.

  • Someone doesn’t want to show their face but they’ve talent to become a successful blogger.
  • On the other side, someone also wants to make videos on YouTube by showing their face.

So, in this case, blogging is the best option for them who isn’t interested to show their faces. If you have a passion to show your creativity to the world then blogging is the best.

When a cook serves delicious food to the customers & if the customers appreciate & come frequently, then the cook thinks about his or her success & get confidence. That’s the great achievement for the cook.

So, in future if you are thinking to fill your pocket & want to spend a bound free life, why are you late?

Should It Be Passion To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively?

You want to do that things that you enjoy most. So, start blogging as a passion & later make it as your profession. Now -a – days most of the people are looking for this topic like “How to start a blog in 2019?” See the prove : –

How To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively in 2019

Now, i’m sure that you’re thinking when there is too much competition, chances is less to get a good result within short time. But, always keep in mind that – A successful person also welcomes competitors & an unsuccessful just take the challenge just like a headache & leave it. So, obviously it should be your passion so that you can enjoy while writing blog.

Every Professional blogger starts blogging as a passion. Because, when it is a passion, you can show your creativity, way of presentation without saying a single word.

Why Most Of The Visitors Will Follow You

It’s very tough when others are already ranking on the first page. Are you thinking like this ? Ok, but be sure that human being always looking for a new taste. Whatever the taste they’re (your readers) getting right now may be they’re satisfied. But, when the readers will get a special taste than the first one they’ll leave the recent restaurant & will make crowd at your store.

So, i think you got my answer if you’re looking for how to get my blog popular.

Topic To Write A Good Blog Post

Yes, this is the best point while most of the blogger cann’t take decision. But, from passion to profession if you want to be a smart blogger you need to select a micro niche in 2019. Because, if you want to start a new blog in 2019 it is very competitive. So, start with a particular micro niche so that you can get your target audience.

Remember – “A little thing is better than a crowd if the little thing is special than ordinary”.

So, after discussing all the above questions, i’m sure you’ve got some basic idea regarding starting a new blog. Isn’t it ? Ok, let’s continue to know something more.

Things To Include To Write A Great Blog Post

How To Write A Title

Ok, now i’m going to tell you something that you should keep in mind while writing a attractive title. Here think yourself just like a reader & ask yourself something. Yes, when you can do this means you’re thinking from the reader’s side. When you’ll look for something on the internet, how do you search?

How To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively - Never Miss


How To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively - Ujjal Sarkar

I want to tell you that most of the searches start from “How to” & “What is”. So, if you ad these types of question words, then it will be very attractive & searchable. So, without any headache, take your first spoon by adding these types of words while writing a good title.

Frequency Of Posts

It totally depends on you that how can you invest your valuable time for your passion to write a good blog post. You can post : –

  • Daily,
  • Weekly,
  • Monthly, whatever you wish.

But, your readers should also be informed that a new post is coming at this particular time. So, act just like a t. v serial that has a fixed schedule for weekend or daily basis. Fix your schedule & write before the scheduled time. Never miss to give the update when you fail to post your content.

Searchable Topics

If it is winter & i’m sure that you’re not writing about the air conditioner. So, select only the topic that is searchable & that has the demand. Suppose, if you’re operating a blog where you’re writing reviews of different products. So, i think it will be better if you write something about woolen garments. Because, this time most of the people will look for woolen garments, they’ll purchase online & before buying they’ll check the reviews.

Keyword Research

You can put unlimited star marks that you do before your exams like “Very Very Important”. Yes, why am i telling like this? Because, to rank your article as soon as possible & to become a successful blogger, you must do this. Always look for low competitive keywords. It’ll help you to rank faster. Now the reason is the high competitive keywords already ranked & it is tough to challenge them. If you want to use free keyword research tool, you can use Google Keyword Planner.

How To Write Great Blog Post Effectively - Never Miss

Attractive Words

No one likes the old version. If the old creates something attractive or suspense, then the readers will show interest to watch. If you’re having same meal from the same restaurant, you’ll loose your the taste day by day. But, if one day if you get the same thing with some extra attractive things, i’m sure you’ll never miss this. So, always try to use something extra.

To give a different taste, you can ad some spices in your title or in your post like : –

  • Never miss…
  • Exclusively for you…
  • Top 10 list…
  • You should watch…

So, these types of words create a special attention in reader’s mind. But, be sure that you’re giving that taste that you’ve promised to your readers. Otherwise, what will happen you know it very well. No need to explain. Right ?

LSI Keywords

I’m sure you’re searching like this “How to make my blog popular?” Right ? Ok, start adding some LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Will you like to take same soup everyday? The answer is big “No”. Change the taste but never change the time & the meal. Like this when you’re writing a tech blog & reviewing some products, ad some LSI keywords & write like this : –

  • Latest products,
  • Cool products,
  • Your budget products,
  • Items you never miss,
  • Useful tech gadgets etc…

So, to write a great blog post, all the blogger try to give different taste by adding different spices. Never miss this point also. Ok?

How Long The Post Should Be

Most of the blogger cann’t research about the long of the post. They just write their own idea & try to show that they’ve some creativity. I agree with them but if you ad something extra & research for the no. of words of the others’ content then they’ll get some idea that post can be also ranked if the post has more words.

Now, it’s not possible for a writer to count all the words of top 5/6 posts from the first page. It will take more than 1 hour. So, you can use

By using this website you can get the count of the no. of words of those top 5 articles. just copy the link of that content & paste it in the field of word Counter site. It will take maximum 2 seconds to see the no. of words.

At first google anything that you want to know.

How To Write A Great Blog Post google search

From the top of the page, open a site & copy the link from the URL.

How To Write A Great Blog Post

Now, paste the link in & click on “Count Words” option.

How To Write A Great Blog Post Wordcounter Words

Also you’ll get non common keywords & All keywords of the blog site.

How To Write A Great Blog Post non common keywords

Lines That You Should maintain

Ok, now while writing your post for your valuable readers you should keep in mind that all the paragraphs should be within 2 or 2.5 lines. Let’s have an example. If you see that other content writers have written a paragraph of 5 to 6 lines, then you’ll lose interest to go through that paragraph. Because, in mobile & desktop, it will show like this.

  • In mobile : 12 to 15 lines.
  • In desktop : 6 to 7 lines.

So, reader will always like to read short paragraphs. My suggestion is that if you want to be a successful blogger then maintain to write all the paragraphs within 2 or 2.5 lines. So, the views will be see the paragraphs like this : –

  • In mobile : 5 to 6 lines.
  • In desktop : 2 to 3 lines

Am i right ? Please reply by commenting.

What To Ad In Title & Paragraph ?

This is the most important question that asked by everyone. What to ad in my article’s title & 1st paragraph to write first blog post. But, i’ll tell you to do that in all of your posts.

How To Write Great Blog Post Effectively - Title & 1st Paragraph

From the above picture, you can easily see that the main keyword has been added in the title as well as in the 1st description. Here Google will also get a green signal that which keyword has been targeted & what the article is about of. Here you can also ad the same targeted keywords in the next 3 to 4 paragraphs to give a positive signal to the crawler that you’ve targeted a particular keyword. Google also judge all of this before ranking your post.

Uses Of Paragraphs To Write A Great Blog Post

For writing a good blog post, this is the another best thing that can help to make your blog popular. While writing your post you can use “Heading 2” as your main point & “Heading 3” as sub point. It will also be very easy & readable to the readers point – wise. So, give a different taste to your readers.

Just see the below picture. Here “What is Blogging?”, this question has been used as a Main Heading & “Platforms To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively” has been used as a Sub Heading.

Here i’ve also used “Heading 2 & Heading 3”.

Using Of Headings - How To Write Great Blog Post Effectively

Avoid Stop Words

While crawling, search engine avoid all the stop words. For writing a great blog post you should also avoid these stop words. When you are setting your post’s permalink, that time keep in mind that you should avoid the Stop Words. Search engine avoid these words to short the space. But, when you’re setting up your permalink without stop words, there should be a good arrangement.

Avoid Stop words - How To Write A Great Blog Post Effectively

From the above screen shot, please follow that i’ve not used any stop words in the permalink & it has also a good arrangement – “write-great-blog-post-effectively”. How is it ? Please write your valuable comment.

Write Minimum 2500 Words

Ok, i think you’ve got all the idea so that you can write a great blog. Now to become a professional blogger, you should focus on your content’s length. Right ? Write at least 2200 to 2500 words & try to explain everything with proper screenshot, videos & if there is any outbound link share it.

Never think if you share any outbound link, you’ll lose your readers. Always try to give your best to them so that they can trust you. Like this, when you’ve some interesting post, other sites will recommend your site. It will create a strong bond among bloggers.

My Opinion At Last

Oh my God ! So, you’ve gone through the entire article & got something new. I’ve tried to give my best. If you’ve any new idea please share with me. Leave a comment. Because, i think, we need to go ahead together. If you share something new, i’ll get something different taste & from my side to you also. My dear readers please share this with your friends & social media so that everyone can know this.

Because, Blogging should be taken as a passion. It takes a long time to write a good blog. So, you should know the techniques so that by applying those techniques you can write a great blog post effectively.


Hello, I'm Ujjal Sarkar. I'm keen interested in Blogging & creating videos on YouTube. I always try to know about the tech news & tech tips.

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