Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? Secure WhatsApp Messenger

Hey ! WhatsApp Users, I know that you can stay a single day without food but if i say to stay without internet or WhatsApp, i’m sure you’ll die. HaHaHa… Don’t worry. This is just a joke. WhatsApp, the most popular app for Calling, Messaging, Video & Voice Call is available across the multiple platforms like Windows, iphone & Android. Here we’ll talk about Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ?

Here i’m talking about WhatsApp Messenger & specially WhatsApp Video Call. Now the question Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? How To Secure WhatsApp Messenger?

Basically, WhatsApp uses End to End Encryption. When a sender sends a message to the receiver, in this case, all the messages don’t go directly to the receiver.

Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? Secure WhatsApp Messenger

The end -to -end encryption Process are followings : –

  1. User sends the messages
  2. All the messages comes into WhatsApp Server.
  3. From WhatsApp Server it is delivered to the end receiver.

Here, i also want to mention that if you’re using the other video calling apps from Google Play Store, then there is no guarantee that all of those applications are secure. so, again there is a question that like other video calling apps, Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ?

Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? Secure WhatsApp Messenger

If you want to secure WhatsApp Messenger, you need some settings. Basically WhatsApp offers Group Chat, Messaging, Voice & Video Call. Here in India, more than 150 Million users are using all of these featuires. Also Whatsapp is very popular for WhatsApp Video Call. Here Video Call is free. Just it will deduct your data balance from your net pack. Now -a – days, Jio in India offering very popular package. not only Jio – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea as well as BSNL also, they’ve approached in this competitive market for providing best data pack monthly basis.

WhatsApp Messages Delivery Process : –

As you know WhatsApp’s feature is just like end-to-end encryption process. So, When you’re sending messages to your friends or anyone, it is going to the WhatsApp Server at first. Before Going to the WhatsApp Server, the messages are making a Server Public Unique Key & enters into the WhatsApp Server. The public key encrypts messages here. From the WhatsApp Server the public key Decrypts Messages & received by your friends or the end users. Then your friends are able to go through all the messages.

Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? Secure WhatsApp Messenger

Video Calling Depends On Your Connectivity : –

Basiccally, If you do WhatsdApp Call or any android video call by any other application, you need a better internet connection. Otherwise, the messages or the voice will not be clear to audible & i’m sure if it happens while talking with your girlfriend, you’ll throw your valuable expensive android iphone out of your room.

Friends, they are trying to make WhatsApp funny video for timepass or when they are trying to make WhatsApp Video, they aren’t getting HD quality also. Ok, Whatever we’re using the other platforms, like Facebook Messenger, Skype & Viber also for video calling.

Now, there is big question again – How Secure Are They ? Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ?

But here while whatsApp video calling (Compare with other video calling apps), WhatsApp uses its end-to-end encryption. With uses of these technical mode, it’s not possible for anyone to tap into any calls or whatsApp messages. Here the company is also unable to see the messages or can’t tap anything.

So, there shouldn’t be any question like “Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? “

The Most Important Settings : –

Here i’ve told you that whatsApp cann’t tap your any texts or call, but remember that if you are using other video calling apps or any third party apps, just I’ll say –

Is WhatsApp Video Call Safe Or Not ? Secure WhatsApp Messenger

Be Careful…

Why ? Because, when you’re very interested to impress your girlfriend or to show your smartness, you’re using so many apps from your Google Playstore, you’re giving all the permission to those apps to access your –

  • Phone
  • Gallery
  • Microphone
  • Contact Info &
  • Camera

Now, here i’ve a big question for you. The question is –

Suppose you’ve installed a News app from where you can update yourself with the most important news. Now the question is what is the purpose when a News app is asking permission for your Gallery, Microphone, Contact Info & Camera ?

If you’re ignoring the options then you can see the app will not allow you to install the app in your device. Generally, we allow all the pop up options so that easily we can install the app. But do know have any idea about these types of apps ? Actually what are they doing inside of your device ?

There are so many video calling apps like WhatsApp & these apps aren’t secure like WhatsApp Video call. Because WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption.

So, here already i’ve cleared all of your doubts that whether you should use WhatsApp video calling features or whether you should use other video calling apps or any third party video calling apps.

The Decision Is Yours…


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