Best Free Ways To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

Hey we know that as a most famous search engine Google is the best. More than 65 to 70% searches are coming from this Google search engine. Here i’ve described the best free ways to rank your website on Google Search Engine.

So, if you’re searching the best free ways to rank your website on Google search engine for free, you should follow the methods. Everyday millions of writers are trying to write popular content to rank on Google search engine, but 90% failed.

Here, i’m not telling you for paid promotion. Here we will discuss about the organic search. It will be more sustainable than a paid promotion. Because, this is the best way & by following these ways you can earn a reader’s interest on your websites or blogs.

Basically, there are many ways to promote your websites or blogs by paying through Google Adwords. But, if you want to know the best free ways to rank your website on Google Search engine, stay with me.

Best Free Ways To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

SEO to Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

Beginners scared of Search engine Optimization (SEO). They also think it is just a luck when your keyword is ranked fortunately. But it is not a luck. It is depending on your quality content.

Content Writting Standards

Your popular content should follow : –

  • On Page SEO.
  • Off Page SEO.

Key Factors To rank On Google Search Search Engine

Please be careful while writing your first blog post. Because we know that ” First Impression Is The Best Impression “.

Targeted Keywords

Yes, this is the no. 1 key factor out of others. For an example you’ve written very good article of 1000 to 1200 words & spent 3 to 4 hours. But if the keyword that you’ve targeted for your website ranking is very competitive as well as if the pages already exist in the search engine, then it will be very tough to compete. So, you should know the right keyword that you can target for website ranking.

How To Target A Keyword To rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

You should find out the low competitive target keyword. If you’re again confused after opening GKP (Google Keyword Planner), then you can download the excel sheet for your targeted keywords & can filter the results.


Best Free Ways To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

Here you can target keywords from GKP & then filter the keywords like this to use in your article to rank your website in google search engine. On the above picture, you can see i’ve selected low competitive keywords. but the minimum search volume is very good. so, this is a very good research.

If you are using Ahrefs other premium keyword tools, then also it will be very easy to target your keyword from that tools. But, for free version GKP (Google Keyword Planner) is the best.

Next, you should put your targeted keywords in your article’s main title, URL & also use while writing the content. it will be very good if you use these keywords 3 to 4 times in your headings or subheadings.

Google Results

Google results is that if you can do the above things, then definitely Google will pay attention & depending your content quality it Google will index your post in the top 10 ranking pages.

Inbound & Outbound Links To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

If you ‘re looking for how to promote your website for free then this should be your 2nd step. Here i’ll talk about Backlinks. i know that You’re very happy when Google has indexed your page in top 10 pages. But, if you think that your job is done. Then you’re doing a big mistake.

Now, you’ve to send some good response to your page through these backlinks. When a blogger starts to create backlinks after publishing the pages on different sites, in this case it will create a strong positive response to Google search engine & Google will get some response from other sites that you’ve some other authorities who is sending positive response for your pages.

On the other side, Google Crawler also gets more response from other sites on your pages. Basically, if your content is very old, it will get very good response with comments. So, Creating Inbound & Outbound links will help you for your website ranking in Google pages.

So, if you want to rank your website on google search engine never skip these steps.

Best Free Ways To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

What is Guest Post To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

Basically, this process isn’t easy. But you can say this is the another best free way to promote your blog post for high ranking. Here you are requesting some other websites to go through or to do a review of your article.

Here you’ve to also make request to approve your writing on their site. When they’re reviewing your content, after that, they will provide some referral links so that the reader can also visit your site through that link.

Here, Google can see that you’re getting traffic on your sites from other high ranking sites then Google will also think that ” YES “, something is there on your site.


It’s just like when you’re going to purchase a product from a shop & that time if the other person recommends you about the product quality, then you’re also going to see the product quality.

The reason is that, the product manufacturer hasn’t recommended you. The recommendation has come from other persons who have already used the product. So, you start believing.

If you can do guest post effectively & if your post is approved by the high ranking website’s admin then the owner or admin will be able to create anchor link. So, they can refer a link for your creative articles.

So, if it is done by you, then when the organic traffic is coming to that high ranking websites, a certain percentage of the same traffic you can also get through that anchor links. Here if you’re very busy to publish your post, then you’re doing a big mistake. Only a content writer or blogger who has the strong patience will get success.

Best Free Ways To Rank Your Website On Google Search Engine

Do These Before Guest Post

Well, here you should keep in mind the followings things before doing a Guest Post for your website ranking : –

  1. Your content should be unique & readability should be in good standard so that anyone can read & can understand.
  2. Your post or articles should match the same niche or topic. If you’re writing a article which is saying about Blogging Tips. So, never do a guest post which is describing about health tips. It should be same Blogging Tips..
  3. Articles, that you are going to pitch, should have good standard in SEO & other styles so that it can attract the readers. Because the high ranking websites will also check your writing styles before approve it.
  4. Your content should have value on the existing users of that website that you’re pitching.
  5. Never use any words that isn’t readable or the meaning is very tough to find out.
  6. If your article is with examples or case study that is creating very good impression for the readers.
  7. There shouldn’t be any plagiarism issues.

Free & paid Guest Posting Sites

Basically, you’ll get free of paid guest post websites. If you’re going for free then you’ll not get so many websites where you can do guest post to rank your website on Google SEO.

Not only getting the high traffic by backlinks, these types of backlinks will also increase domain & page authority for your newly growing website. Here you don’t need to take any headache.

Yes, why am i telling you like this ? Because, generally so many good content writer are trying to do guest post for their website ranking. But a little bit are getting success. Because, the high ranking websites will review their content very effectively.

If here a small thing that is not matching the above criteria, in this case they will not approve your article. But, my dear friend, you have to continue your work.

Beacuse, only continue practice with effective steps can lead you to success.


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