How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free

Yes, don’t have money but still thinking to get traffic from facebook for free ? I know your answer will be a big ” YES “. My second question is do you want to get more and more free traffic from social media? A no doubtly i will get a big ” YES “.

Ok, well. Basically now – a – days 70 – 75 % people are very busy at these social media platforms. They’re promoting their products through social media & getting free traffic without spending a single penny.

Most of the social media users know social marketing. but, do they know the right way ? So, if you want to get free traffic from facebook. Then at first think that this is the best way which is working just like a traffic generator.

Social Media Sharing

By sharing your products & article or post you can get free traffic. When the reader is visiting your page through social media like facebook then Google will also get some strong response that – yes, something is there in that article. That’s why so many traffic is coming.

Steps To Get Free Traffic From Facebbok For Free

1. Facebook Page Set Up – About

When you’re starting your business then first of all, you’re a new comer in the market with your products. So, to get traffic from facebook, you need to write something abou yourself or your products in the about section.

How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

You should ad your pages category, user name as well as other details that specially represents about you or about your service.

2. Milestone

Here you can ad a status, date & also you can include some link for your starting business. I also use ” Create Milestones ” option to drive traffic to my facebook page.

How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

It will malso create a very good impression for your page to your trusted audience. If you’ve just published any article or anything then you can also ad those links to get free traffic to your facebook page. After adding milestones it will look just like the followings.

How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free

You can also delete the milestones when it is required. Don’t worry about that.

Facebook Insights

This option will help you to research & to get free traffic from facebook for free & social media strategy. Click on the top ” Insights Button ” & come the page from where you can also check your traffic, comments & engagement for the last posts.

Insights To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

Now, check the audience retention from here.

Posts Insights To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

Tips to Get More Engagement

To get traffic on Facebook & more engagement, you need to remember some steps.

  • What types of topics you’re posting.
  • What type of video, images or article you’re posting &
  • When you’re posting.

Time Schedule To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free

When i’m talking about free traffic through social marketing, obviously i’ll tell you that facebook is the best traffic generator. If you analyze social media strategy & want to know how many people use facebook & how many active in a particular time, then this point will help you a lot to get free traffic from facebook.

So many of us think to get free facebook likes but to get traffic from facebook for free & free likes, you should know the following timings : –

  • Days : -Thursday to Sunday.
  • Timing : – 9 A. M/ 1 P. M/ 3 P. M.

These are the timing just an overall idea where you can get more engagement but this is not the proper & perfect. You can also share on other time.

Insight Posts How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

When you are coming to the option ” Insights ” then come to the left side tab called ” posts “. From here you can check a overview & take a decision that how can you get traffic from facebook fro free.

Schedule Publish

In our daily life, we’re very busy to earn our daily bread & butter. As a result, we generally forget the essential tasks that we should do in time. Yes, Facebook page giving you a option that is called ” Schedule “.

Schedule Post - How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

From here you can also customize the date & time when you want top publish the post. this is an amazing option to get traffic from Facebook for free.

Schedule FB Post - How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

How To Use Facebook Groups To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free?

When i’m talking about Facebook page, then why not Facebook Groups? I know that you definitely pull your hair when you’re not getting the right audience for your article or product.

Relevent Facebook Groups

If you join your product related groups, then you think that you’re a little bit away to get your targeted audience. Search your product related groups that has a least 50K group members.

Facebook Groups - How To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free - Social Media Strategy

You just go to the search bar & then type your product or article related name in the search box. Then Click on the group option. Here i’ve just shared my own group. My Group Name is – “Tech News & Gadgets Review”. After clicking the group option, you will get so many facebook groups related with your services.

Beside the Group’s name you’ll get a joining button. Click on the “Join” button to join in the groups. Here i’ll tell you an example.

When you’re a fresher in a company, then first day basically you aren’t doing any work. Just you’re going to everyone’s desk & introducing yourself. Its a very good thing to start a new professional relationship among the employees with shaking hands. That time you’re just introducing yourself.

Like this, when you’re joining in a new group, at the same way you should introduce yourself by posting a simple text rather than posting your business related article or products.

Points Should Share To Get Traffic From Facebook For Free – Social Media Strategy

The  main things you should keep in mind while introducing yourself : –

  • You should tell your name, you are from (Location).
  • You can also share your a little bit biography.
  • At last you can share your main purpose to join in the group.

People’s Wrong Idea About Joining In The Group

There’re so many people who think that only the quality content will bring huge traffic. So, here again i’m giving you an example.

If you’ve started to teach Mathematics, then at first you’ll not get more students. Now, the big question is WHY ? Because of no promotion or marketing. There’s a term that is a very close relation called “Sales & Marketing”. When you’re selling some goods that time you should also keep importance on marketing also.

When the market doesn’t know you, then you should approach in front of the consumers or users. Like this, you should also approach in front of  the audience or visitors after joing in the group. Here you should approach with your product or articles.

Create Own Facebook Group

If you create own facebook group, then its great ! If you’ve thousands of friends, then create a group & set up the privacy. You can also ad your friends in your group to get traffic from facebook for free. You should do your privacy in “Closed” mode. The reason is anyone cann’t post in the group. After posting you’ll get a notification. Now, it’s your decision to publish or not in the group.

Make A Professional Cover Photo To Attract Users

If you want to make a professional Facebook cover photo, then you should follow the followings : –

  1. Cover photo should be (Width 981 X Height 363 Pixels).
  2. Ad your website’s name & all other social media’s name with icon.
  3. Ad your own photo so that people can trust it easily.
  4. You can also ad a little bit about your product or services.

Edit Group’s About section

In this post i’ve shared so many tips to get traffic from Facebook for  free. The traffic you’re looking for may be for your blog post or Facebook page or maybe for your YouTube Channel. But In the about section of the group, you should write the entire details of your services. By this way, the members will get easily the knowledge about your product or your article or services.

Use Pinned Post Option

In Your Facebook group you can also “Pin” a post at the top of your valuable page. It will attract the new members. So, never miss the option when you’re getting it without a single penny.

My Opinion

I’ve tried to give you the best free methods that i know to Get Traffic From Facebook For Free using Social Media Strategy. I know that i’m not best but i’ve tried my best. If you’ve any other knowledge to get more traffic from Facebook for free, please tell me. Friends, also i’m requesting you to leave a comment & share my article so that who doesn’t know the above idea, they can know. If we work for each other then we can get success within very short time. So, Why late ? Applythe above options to get more free traffic from facebook.


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